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Mining for the Future

Trinity Mining is a leading cloud mining company. Trinity is a cloud hashing platform that provides the opportunity for depositors to participate in cryptocurrency mining and supporting investments in renewable energy.

We will maintain all our mining machines and source all the required energy from our solar wind turbines preserved in Portugal.

We believe in the future of a purely sustainable technology through an innovative integration between blockchain and renewable energy.

Why are we pursuing a renewable energy source for our machines and equipment?

The amount of power consumed into Bitcoin mining alone is exponentially increasing. Estimated TeraWatt/Hours (TWh) of energy consumed increased more than 5x from 2017 to 2018. Digiconomist published a report disclosing the amount of electricity consumption of mining Bitcoin matches the energy consumption of Chile. If mining Bitcoin can match the energy consumption of an entire country, we should understand the repercussion it has on the environment.

Most mining companies are uninterested to find out were their source of energy comes from. As long as they pay its utility bills, maintain its mining hardware and get significant returns, environmental consequences of consuming this much power is a forgotten fact.

We believe in the future of renewable energy as well as the future of blockchain technology. This is why Trinity Mining is determined to be a socially responsible company by integrating renewable energy into mining crypto currencies. If crypto currencies is the next viable alternative financial system, we aim this to be financially and environmentally sustainable.


Trinity Mining offers an extensive line of cryptocurrency mining investment plans to it's depositors such as:

  1. (BTC) Bitcoin Mining
  2. (BTG) Bitcoin Gold Mining
  3. (ETH) Ethereum Mining
  4. (LTC) Litecoin Mining
  5. (ZEC) Zcash Mining

8 Mining Farms

Asia, Europe, Russia

Our Mission

We aim to achieve a purely sustainable future where we can develop blockchain technology and continue to operate through sustainable energy.

Mining Plans

Bronze$500 - $2499
Silver$2500 - $4999
Gold$5000 - $9999
Platinum$10000 - $24999
Royal Ambassador$100000 and above