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Trinity Mining: the World’s First Purely Sustainable Crypto Currency Mining Platform

What does it mean when we advocate and pursue GREEN and RENEWABLE energy in crypto currency mining? It means we are aware of the harmful effects of excessive energy consumption to the environment. Trinity Mining exists to pave the way to a sustainable future because we believe crypto currency, the blockchain technology and decentralisation would all play a massive role in the future.   


Trinity Mining is determined to be the most socially responsible company in the crypto currency mining industry. By integrating renewable energy into mining crypto currencies, utilising crypto currencies is becoming the next viable alternative financial system, which is both financially and environmentally sustainable.


Most cryptocurrency mining companies are uninterested to find out were their source of energy comes from. As long as they pay its utility bills, maintain its mining hardware and get significant returns, environmental consequences of consuming this much power is a forgotten fact.


Typical energy sources would be in natural gas and coal mining which contribute catastrophic effects in the environment. Natural gas emits carbon dioxide, monoxide, and other carbon compounds in the atmosphere contributing to the greenhouse effect which results to Global Warming. It is also exposed to the risk of gas leaks which can cause fire, explosions, and is extremely toxic when inhaled.


Coal mining is worse, it emits 45% more carbon dioxide than natural gas and also emits extremely high levels of methane in the atmosphere. Greenhouse Gas is the main contributor for Global Warming. This is why there is an indirect association between high energy consumption and Global Warming. We haven’t even mentioned the amount of deforestation, soil erosion and environmental destruction coal mining has.


We believe in the future of renewable energy as well as the future of blockchain technology. So we decided to integrate both. Trinity Mining aims to create a sustainable future for everyone. Through renewable energy utilisation in crypto currency mining, we are advocating the use of green energy to help save the environment from the catastrophic effects of overconsumption from typical sources of energy. We are the world's first purely sustainable crypto currency mining platform.


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